Connecting the dots behind the rocks

For various reasons, mainly due to my friends coming to town for their family spring break, I found it easier to go on two-day hikes back to back.

I connected the dots with the Behind The Rocks Wilderness Study Area.

Mich and I had an “office meeting” overlooking the Colorado River and scouting out a route for more ambitious clients who want a day hike.

PCO Micah H.

A mixture of single track, jeep road, and some pavement brought us over the popular Kane Creek area. Thought an overcast day, the scenery did not disappoint.

The following day I connected the dots by using a popular local’s trails and connected my footsteps to where my hiking took me the previous day.

The sunshine and vibrant colors made the red rock pop vs. the previous day.

And though I returned via a trail not far from my home, a trail I’ve done often at this point, a familiar view never loses its charm.

Between guiding and some other projects, the next six weeks is going to be absurdly busy. But when your backyard is in the heart of red rock country, life is good.


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