Buying gear is a ticket to adventure???

I am still on a mailing list from the one time I visited the temple of gear worship.

A title in the inbox was Buying gear is like buying a ticket to adventure.


Just, no.

It is like buying luggage, or a universal charger.  Basic things you need to go on a trip.

Buying gear as a ticket to adventure is like saying buying a knife set is a ticket to a five-star meal.

Sure, you need gear to get out.

But having a base level of fitness, the ability to plan a trip, skills to execute and enjoy the journey, are also needed. And arguably more important.

Buying gear is not like a ticket to adventure.

It is a way to rack up consumer debt and taking up space in your home.

And based on the hundreds of post on on-line forums, seems like buying gear is really like buying into a new hobby: The hobby of gear collecting.

Not a new adventure.

Want to buy a ticket for adventure?

  1. Learn to look over the map.
  2. See what blank spaces on the map look good.
  3. Do your research.
  4. Get the right permits if needed.
  5. Pack up the food and other supplies.
  6. GO.

Make your own ticket to adventure.

Buying the latest tchotchke from REI is not going to make you any more adventurous or skilled in the outdoors.

No matter what marketing spin floods your mailbox.

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Nick Gatel
7 years ago

Excellent post.

Jeremy Werlin
Jeremy Werlin
7 years ago

On the postive side, this sort of marketing has created a cornucopia of prime goods for sale on gear swaps. Often identified with the subheading: only been set up in my backyard once.

7 years ago

Great post. I’m just beginning myself and found tons of resources to finish my pack list (including your $300 gear challenge) but now I’m trying to find beginner outings and the only three I’ve found nearby were filled months ago.

If only I wasn’t too scared to do my first overnight alone!