Bahco 2444 Carpenter Mora Multi Purpose Knife

Collecting knives is a hobby onto itself.

People will discuss knives, acquire them, debate the effectiveness of them, and buy yet more.

In the end, though, they are just a tool.

And like any tool I own, I want a knife that will do the job efficiently without having to think about it.

And though my Swiss Army Classic coupled with a P51 can opener is my usual knife combo of choice esp. when backpacking there are times when I need and use something more substantial.

When on an extended road trip, camping, or even just around the home, I want a knife that can cut cord, slice up veggies in a pinch, open packages, cut up carpeting scraps for a project, is durable, sharp, keeps an edge, and needs little maintenance.

When we went to Cedar Mesa recently, Joan’s colleagues were intrigued by the knife I used for these tasks and couldn’t believe that one blade could be of such apparent high quality and utility yet be so inexpensive.

From Bahco

The knife I used that caused such intrigue? The one I purchased in November 2013: The Bahco 2444 Carpenter Mora Multi Purpose Knife

Made by the famous Mora knife company for Bahco, this fixed blade knife is a stainless steel version of the well-known Mora Clipper.  A very useful 4″ fixed blade, easy to maintain, very sharp, relatively light (sub-four ounces) and all around good utility knife. And only $12! These knives are essentially a modern version of the well known Finnish style of knife called a puukko.

The Bahco 2444 ends up being an all-purpose beater knife to keep in the tool or camp kit.  In fact, the knife is so inexpensive and effective, I bought two and keep one in the car and one at home. I find myself using the knife as much as a household tool as for general outdoor use!  The Finns regard a knife as a tool for daily use and the simple knife reflects that lineage quite well.

And though stainless steel is not as sharp as carbon steel, the stainless steel knife is a lot more forgiving of the vagaries of the road, camp, or a dusty Utah home. And though not as sharp versus carbon steel, I find this particular stainless steel knife to be very sharp and to hold an edge just fine in the real world versus internet forum discussion.

Overall view? I am sure there are “better” knives out there. But for the price, utility, quality, and overall design I find the Bahco branded Mora knife to be a trusty piece of outdoor gear.  I don’t think I’d find a better deal than this $12 knife that has served me so well for five years. And will continue to do so in the future.

Disclosure: I purchased the Bahco 2444 with my funds on Amazon in November 2013.

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5 years ago

That’s all well and good, but can I do open heart surgery with it? If not, INADEQUATE!

1 year ago
Reply to  LarryBoy

As a matter of fact I’ve done open heart surgery with one…on a deer. Operation was successful.