Backdoor into the canyon

Joan and I love to look over maps.

Maps show possibilities and let us make the most of our time our local deserts, mountain, and woods. And let us recreate responsibly by not needing to refuel on the way to destinations.

As such, we are taking a deeper dive into places near us. Including some backdoor ways into popular recreation areas and avoiding more popular trailheads. Along with following ghost trails and roads found on older USGS maps.

An excellent method to get away from the desert heat and the tourist crowds that have various degrees of civic responsibility.

As such, we enjoyed another local trip with some camping, hiking, wildflowers, ancient travel paths, and only a few people.

These camping trips mixed in with longer day hikes prove to be judicious use of time to explore areas that are not traditional backpacking destinations—and scouting out potential backpacking routes for the near future.

PCO Joan

The late spring wildflowers lead us through the canyon bottom, and the evening light on the nearby buttes ended our day. And the ghost trails lead us to viewpoints that let us take in the grandeur of the Colorado Plateau beyond a crowded parking lot.

Our town’s opening-up even more vs. what the locals requested in addition to increased COVID cases. And based on SAR calls published in the local paper and social media, it is going to get even busier.

In the meantime, we’ll look at our maps and plan where we can get away a bit and ride out our current storm.

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bill shaw
bill shaw
4 years ago

always great to see our world through you thank you bill and cathy