Autumn Equinox in the La Sals

Fall is my favorite season.

It is my favorite time to be outside and revel in the outdoors. A fleeting season that I always look forward to every year.

In my new home, I eagerly awaited a chance to explore more of the La Sal mountains visible from our front door.

On this weekend, we’d hike to the trail-less high point of the La Sal range and spot more than a few aspens.

We’d find a potential water source dried and turned a planned backpack into a car camping evening.

But a dispersed campsite Saturday evening near a pass with more exquisite hiking the following day, more than made up for the change of plans. We slept outside on the first official evening of Fall.  And we did not have to drive either day to hike or camp once we parked at the trailhead. What could be better?

Few people, perfect weather, and the peak of Autumn in the high country.

All within forty-five minutes of our home.  A new backyard to explore, hike, and savor. I think Utah will be just fine.

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