Another place in between

With Joan feeling better but still not 100% post-COVID, we decided to take it easy. But this time, we camped and spent some much-needed time in a quiet, in-between place rarely visited.

We loaded up the truck, did some hiking, and found a quiet place to call home for that evening.

PCO Joan.

I think of this area as the place “in-between” as we left the red rock well-known in Moab and went to a place that seemed more reminiscent of the San Rafael Swell or the Bookcliffs in many ways.

It is not visited often as it does not have marquee destinations.

But, obviously, people visited long before we camped here for an evening.

I am not entirely sure as I am not a historian or archeologist. Still, the many lithics, relatively close-by spring, and location indicate a place people visited if not settled in as much.

The spring still flowed and even had signs of CCC-era construction with old piping and troughs.

Forgotten by most but still present nearly ninety years later.

We poked around and enjoyed the scenery of this place, a bit removed from the usual outdoor hustle and bustle.

Including a cave that we saw more and more detail the longer we stayed, admired the images, and contemplated the area we found ourselves in for the weekend.

We continued to poke around, and Joan noticed an arch. And on the arch? More images as we often find in such places.

That evening, nature brought out an impressive light show to cap off our rewarding jaunt.

If the following morning brought a blustery day, then breakfast in our truck bed gave us a warm and wind-free place to sip our hot drinks before getting in another hike that morning.

PCO Joan.

Joan continues to get better and finds that she’s almost back to her old self, and we hope to bring in more hiking in the coming weeks.

We look forward to it.

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Paul Brown
Paul Brown
1 year ago

Where is this, Paul?