Another Contest: Backpacking for Beginners Giveaway



After how well the Wanderlust USA contest went, Joan brought up a good point that I should give away my book, too: How to Survive Your First Trip in the Wild: Backpacking for Beginners

My little book is gaining some good reviews and some good press.  Not bad for a former IT Monkey. 😉

What’s the book about? As the Amazon blurb states:

There and back―what every new backpacker needs to know.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single book. How to Survive Your First Trip in the Wild bundles up everything you need to prep for your first-ever backpacking adventure―so you can explore the backcountry with confidence.

Start strong with an essential equipment guide geared toward beginners. Discover how to choose a campsite and follow along with camp setup and breakdown directions. Water treatment info, outdoor cooking basics, snacking suggestions, and a sample three-day backpacking food plan supply you with vital knowledge to survive in the wilderness.

This beginners’ backpacking handbook includes:

  • Expert tips―Learn how to “Leave No Trace,” navigate rough terrain, deal with wildlife, and other practical backpacking advice.

  • Gear checklists―Track down the right gear with guides to clothing, footwear, backpacks, and shelters―even on a budget.

  • Plan ahead―Handy cheat sheets help you pick the best time of year and the perfect starter trail for backpacking in your state.

Start your backpacking experience now with How to Survive Your First Trip in the Wild.

And now, you can purchase this book in Kindle format or as an audiobook.  (Have no fear, I don’t read the book. You won’t be stuck listening to the melodious tones of the traces of my northeast accent for 2+ hours!)

What’s the contest?

Another simple one: In 500 words or less, tell me about the person in your life who might benefit from this book and why.

I’ll be giving away two copies

Write to me by 8 PM MST on Thurs Dec 12th, and I’ll announce the winners Friday the 13th.

I could not pass up that day to announce winners for a beginner’s book on backpacking. 😀

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Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee
4 years ago

I would live this as I’m still a “beginner” and take as much advice / info from people as I can! Love all your amazi g pics and follow your tips with envy!