Another Blues Weekend

We enjoy going up the local mountains, with the high desert routinely hitting 100F.

The La Sal Mountains have terrain reminiscent of the higher Colorado peaks I used to frequent in the recent past.

Manns Peak in the La Sal Mountains

But the Blue Mountains are more subtle with rounded summits with alpine tundra but with views that take in much of the southeast Utah world we call home.

It’s a favorite place in early summer and then again in the fall. Its nooks and crannies are becoming increasingly familiar with each passing season.

On this trip, we did our usual route of ATV, jeep, and single track to take in different parts of the range.

The desert is in the foreground, and the La Sals are in the distance.

A major road is still gated to auto traffic, but a trail pops out at the pass that lets us enjoy a campsite at the saddle to ourselves—lots of wildflowers and views of the desert floor from a mountain oasis.

This trip gave Joan a chance to tweak some of her gear from an upcoming trip she’s also leaving for next week.

The mountains we frequent this time of the year are humble by some standards. But they add to the richness of our outdoor life.

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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
10 months ago

Enjoyed your Blues Weekend post. Was particularly enamored with your use of the term “humble mountains.” As I get older, I seek those more often than not!