A Scamp life for me!

I’m a short, bald, middle-aged guy who tends to eschew high-end gear for more pragmatic gear choices. (A polite of saying I have dirt bagger inclinations.)

A hipster I ain’t.

The only claim I have to being ahead of the hipster curve is that I ate frittatas long before you could buy them at brunch with mimosas. But that is more because of Grandma Magnanti serving traditional Southern Italian food long before it was labeled rustic cuisine, sold in restaurants, and costing more money that my family could afford.

But I digress.

Point being, I would be the last person I’d expect to make use of a Scamp.

What is a Scamp? A Scamp is a light, portable, and affordable travel trailer that has become popular in recent years.

And my friends own one.

And because they will be abroad for two years, I will be will taking care of said Scamp and making use of it during that time.

My road trip game has gone up a notch. My camping is now a bit more luxurious. And I am looking forward to some relaxing “town days” after a few days of backpacking in remote areas.

I doubt there will be any yoga poses with me over scenic mountain views framed by the setting sun.

See above about being a short, bald, middle-aged guy.

But I am sure to enjoy the hell out of the Scamp in the months ahead.

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CAPT Gary Andres USN ret
CAPT Gary Andres USN ret
6 years ago

A Scamp…a Scamp…
Now a Campground Tramp!
Fully equipped
Windows, cooler and Lamp!
Dirty clothes
Into the hamp!
Hard roof above
Sleeping bag un-damp!
Beer is cold
Food is hot
To carry more
Than whats I got….
One thing I’ll say
Older I get
Comfy if great
On that I’ll bet!

Paul—just a little jealous! Enjoy, brother!
Cap’n Nemo

6 years ago

Say it ain’t so.