A fine and local weekend

For various reasons, Joan and I sometimes stay local. It could be for social reasons, or we don’t wish to drive dirt roads that could become muddy, or something as simple as we want to spend a weekend at home.

Luckily, home for us means surrounded by a red rock desert, canyons to walk, and a spring full of desert wildflowers.

Even during the busiest time of the year, we can find nooks and crannies where we can see anyone from when we leave our truck until we return later in the day.

Springtime in the desert is special.

We never fail to see something new that also connects us to other people in the area who traveled the canyons long ago.

With a topo map and a desire to see the places further afield, we can spend a day roaming the desert and not see a person.

The roads may be lonely, but we certainly don’t feel lonely.



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