Winter in the High Desert

The Moab area is a high desert.  And that takes many visitors by surprise. Even with the park shut down, people are still visiting. Especially last week during the holidays. People expecting tumbleweeds, scorpions, and heat perhaps? What they did not expect is snow, ice, and temps dipping below freezing and into the single digits even in Moab proper.

From Accuweather

So the local outdoor stores sell lots of hats, gloves, puffies, and other associated cold-weather gear. And traction devices. Lots of them!

It’s winter in the high desert.  A little snow, a little ice, and lots of that famous red rock scenery that draws so many people from the across the country and the world.

The mountains had an inversion effect going on over the weekend.

Not fun to ski when temps are in the low thirties or above. But the red rock beckons.

We explored some obscure areas in nearby BLM land.

A walk in the canyon, some well-known rock formations spotted, an old stage stop explored, and the reminders of what the land used to be like many eons ago.

Not a bad day in the desert.

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