Wednesday Reset

April has been a rather busy month for me. My day job has been rather hectic (if performing maintenance at 11:30 PM until 3 AM on Fri/Sat still qualifies as a day job is up for debate… That’s in addition to the other late nights I’ve pulled this month 🙂 ) . We’ve had some major car maintenance done and had multiple appointments to take care of our two pets as well.

Time was scarce. And a lot of money was spent.

Luckily we work so we can financially afford these bumps in life.

The time factor though? Once the time is gone, it is spent. There is a time budget, and it was rather depleted this month.

And, to be honest, I was rather depleted as well.

I needed some outdoor time. Desperately.

My buddy Mark must have read my mind. I had already planned an after work hike. He wanted to do one as well.  He suggested an obscure peak in the outlying foothills just outside of Boulder. In my over fifteen years of living in this area, it is one I have not done.

It was a  good little hike of 4.5 miles R/T and 1800′ gain roughly. The hike is not on any website I can find. I’m going to keep it that way.  It is an obscure spot that I’ll try to keep obscure.  Selfish perhaps. But as I am get older, I’m learning the value of keeping secret spots secret.

Grave on the way to the summit.

The summit area featured a nearly 360 degree panorama of the plains, the high peaks and the skies were clear enough we could see Pike’s Peak one-hundred miles or so south. All of Boulder County and beyond could be seen.

I only had my iThingy for photos. Good enough…but the views were nice enough that I wished for my DSLR. Perhaps next time.

bfh2 bfh3

We stayed up on the summit just until dusk.


It was time to head down.  A local place had some good beer for happy hour. My stomach told me I had not eaten since 12:30.

But, no matter. The mid-week reset put me in a better place. The beer and food after further helped.

No matter how busy life can be, a hike is the perfect antidote for the previous stress.


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Helen J. Gauperaa
Helen J. Gauperaa
9 years ago

Sometimes a mid week evening hike it bliss 🙂 Keeping special places secret is hard when you want others to share the experience, but not such that it becomes a place where the hoards go. Good for you!