Website of The Week – The Hiking Life

Website of the week: The Hiking Life.  A website about Cam “Swami” Honan’s many, many, many miles of backpacking!

Can “Swami” Honan is an accomplished backpacker to say the least. Besides being the fastest known hiker of the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails in one calendar year, Cam has hiked all over the US and the world.

But as impressive as these miles and experiences are, it is Cam’s sheer joy of being out in the world that is infectious.

His blog is a mixture of advice, humor, the joy of travel, places to grab a good pint and perhaps meals best to avoid.  😉 As his website title indicates, it is about the LIFE of hiking. Not just the gear, or the miles or the logistics..but what it like to travel with a pack on your shoulders so frequently.

I find myself getting engrossed in the website every time I take a peek.

There are many accomplished hikers out there. But few write with Cam’s sense of humor and conveying an obvious happiness of being out in the wilderness so well.

Check out The Hiking Life. It is one of my favorites..and may be yours too! 🙂

Website of the Week is something new I am starting. A brief blurb about some favorite websites I’ve used for trip planning, reading, reviews or just whatever I’ve liked! :D

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