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Website of the week: More than just gear or trip planning, it is a website about the outdoors as a lifestyle.

Many websites discuss gear and will tell you which titanium widget or cuben whatchamahoosey will work best.

Other sites give maps, directions and information about a particular wilderness area.

But few outdoor websites talk about what I call the “outdoor as lifestyle”.

The sheer joy of finding that perfect camping spot, or what it is like to be scared sh**less when making your first fall alpine climbing or to simply get a good cup of Joe before a trip.

The intangible  part of the outdoors that is  beyond mere miles hiked and elevation gained or how many pitches a climb may have.

Quite simply, stories that are about the joy, the challenges and the humorous that makes the outdoors a passion for many people.

The exception?

Often humorous but with many pertinent and heartfelt words thrown in, the website has excellent writing about what is it like to be in and experience the outdoors.

It has quickly become one of my favorite outdoor websites.

Check it out. You never know when you may need to know the correct way to poop in the woods  or how a drive on a highway can remind you of a friend or a place you love.

Website of the Week is something new I am starting. A brief blurb about some favorite websites I’ve used for trip planning, reading, reviews or just whatever I’ve liked! :D

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