Tribal Reunion: Silver City, NM

After my El Moro and nearby visit, I made a detour to a see a relative for a few days.

After that happy visit, I drove into southern New Mexico and made my way to Silver City for the CDT Traildays.

I have never been to this festival before as I simply never had the time time.  Now I do!

An organized gathering for hikers indeed shows the development of this trail regarding popularity, use, and development.

On the way to Silver City, I made a dispersed camp in San Lorenzo Canyon. An option on the lesser known Grand Enchantment Trail.  

I can best describe the weekend as a family reunion of sorts. I caught up with old friends, met people I’ve corresponded with for years but have never met, and we told tales over a beer or two (or perhaps more. 🙂 ) and took part in some panel discussions.

In addition to the thru-hiker and CDT specific talks, there were some fascinating talks on archeology, history, fires in New Mexico, political activism, and other topics beyond the usual thru-hiker centric talk.

On the last morning, quite a few of us did a community hike to the nearby Gomez Peak.

A local hike with pleasant views around the countryside.

That evening I dispersed camped in the National Forest and then made my way to Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.

I have not been to the dwellings since 2006!

A lot has happened in my life since that time.  My life experiences of course. But also what I appreciate and enjoy in the outdoors.

And part of those changes is becoming more knowledagable about the Ancestral Pueblo and related, culture and history.

alking the ancient paths and combining my love of history with an equal love and passion for the remote places.

I could not pass up the Cliff Dwellings.

The “t-shaped” door shows the Chacoan influence.

Not being on a thru-hike in October, I could savor the site, take my time, and meander around and notice things I did not know about twelve years ago.

And an in Springs, the wildflowers are popping, too!

I also had time to explore nearby USFS land with its collection of pictographs and dwellings.

After, I made my way back towards northern New Mexico via the old CDTS route over Emory Pass.

An excellent few days spent in southern New Mexico before I made my way to points north.

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