Trail Work – Berthoud Pass to Jones Pass

Another overnight trail project this weekend.

This time working on the Continental Divide Trail between Berthoud Pass and Jones Pass.

The projected was on a section adopted by the Colorado Native Lager Brew Crew  in conjunction with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC). 

Besides being a good thing to do, the beautiful scenery of the area would make a wonderful two night camping trip.

The free food and beer did not hurt either!

Our basecamp would be along Jones Pass road at almost 11k feet. A place I’ve skied on or around many times in the past, but one I’ve not seen much in the summer.

Of course, I had to get there first.

I discovered in this increasingly congested state of Colorado that a “parking lot” on I-70 is not just for ski season anymore!  So it goes…

Once at camp, though, a much more relaxing evening was had…

The wildflowers were abundant and the cool temperatures with the wonderful views made for a good Friday evening.

Met the rest of the crew, pulled out my camp chair and settled in a for relaxing evening.

The following morning, a few of us started a survey hike along the CDT. We’d note parts of the trail that needed future attention, do some lopping and put up some new trail markers.

Including this one at Berthoud Pass

Overall the trail was in very good condition. Perhaps ten items total would need to be addressed.

My sloppy handwriting shows, partially, why I work in technology!

We soon entered the wilderness boundary.

An exquisite Colorado day above treeline.

The CDT proper soon dipped below the divide.

We’ be following the trail below the ridge before it climbed up again.

At around 1 PM, we reached a spur trail that would lead back to the dirt road we were camped along.

The cloud build up in the sky, and the increasing grayness, made us decide to follow the spur trail.

Though the mileage would be about the same, the spur trail was a safer route vs gaining the ridge again. The other half of trail surveying would have to wait until another day.

We made it to trailhead, hiked up the road I often use for skiing and made it back to camp.

Not longer after we arrived, the rains came down in sheets.

A good decision was made.

Both groups of trail workers were huddled in the mess tent and talked a bit.

Before we knew it, the rain stopped. Time to head outside and give our hardworking camp cook the space he needed for his culinary endeavors.

A little bit later and dinner  was ready. A yummy Mexican lasagna that we were all very grateful for that day.  Tim, our wonderful camp cook, put on a fantastic series of meals all weekend.

Another evening was had around the campfire on a damp Saturday evening.

On Sunday, we did some last trail work. Our portion of the crew closed down three social trails. A good morning’s work.

We made it back to camp and broke down the canvas mess tent before the rains came again. Just in time!

The last gear was packed up. Some goodbyes were said..but not before Tim brought out one last treat: Homemade pineapple upside down cake fresh from a Dutch oven.

I miss having a tailgate…my Kia’s lift gate just ain’t the same!

Nicole, the CDTC intern, had her birthday that day. Not a bad way to celebrate!

We all made our way home (with a pit stop for me at the CDTC offices to help drop off some gear).

A good weekend for giving back, meeting some fellow trail enthusiasts and relaxing as well.  What a wonderful way to spend time outdoors.

Interested in volunteering for the Continental Divide Trail Coalition? Check out this page for more information.

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