Trail Groove Issue 32


Issue 32 of TrailGroove Magazine is now online.


Just some news and another recipe I wrote.

Someday this latest rigamarole will be all settled.

In the meantime, enjoy the many great articles found in the latest issue!



4 Replies to “Trail Groove Issue 32”

  1. Your “Savory Breakfast Potatoes” recipe calls for 4 Oz. of bacon bits. Is this correct? That’s a lot of bacon bits. The ones that I’ve got are 2.5 Oz to the package.

  2. I dehydrated a couple of the 4 Oz. cans of Hatch Chiles and weighed the dried chiles. Out of 8 Oz of canned chiles, I got 16.62 grams of dried chiles. That works out to 93% water. The main difference between the canned chiles and the ones that I get out of the garden is that I remove almost all of the seeds when I clean the chiles. While I was at it, I dehydrated some cans of Mother Mary’s Red and Green Pepper Strips. These are canned sweet Italian pepper strips that I found next to the Pizza ingredients at Wally World. These dry well because they aren’t chopped as small as the chiles. When I consider the time that it takes to dehydrate them, I wouldn’t hesitate to take the cans if I was going on a short trip. On the other hand, I can premix the dried chiles with my other dried ingredients and have less fiddly work to do when I get to where I’m going.

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