Trail Groove Issue 27 – Gear Maintenance

Gear_MaitenanceIssue 27 of TrailGroove Magazine came out. An issue with a long trail focus.

I contributed an article on gear maintenance, another recipe for a cold meal when backpacking and there is  an excellent two-part article was done on The Colorado Trail by Drew Smith. The usual collection of fantastic articles round out the issue.

TrailGroove is a fantastic outdoors magazine. Not too gear centric and more about being outdoors rather than the lifestyle and culture around it.

Give it a read.  The price is right, too.

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8 years ago

Got some good info from your article on gear care. Woolite, however, is not the best for wool. It is marketed for all fabrics, and can be harsh on wool over time. I recommend Eucalan Woolwash. This also has a little bit of eucalyptus oil to repel moths. Thanks for the nice article.

8 years ago

Great article. I have a pair of Asolo TPS 520 boots that I have never treated. I guess I need to protect my investment in those, even though I never wear them hiking anymore.