Last bit of Fall: Third Flatiron Climb

A climb on Boulder’s classic Third Flatiron.

Living in Boulder, CO has its quirks. After fifteen years of living in or near Boulder, I’ve learned to adjust to the rising cost of housing, the increased congestion and the “Aspen-ization” of the downtown corridor. ( For now. 🙂 )

What I do love about my current home town is the outdoor opportunity in a place that also allows me to pay the bills.

Within minutes, I can be at a trailhead that leads to a 8000′ plus peaks, or take a quiet walk on the high plains or  perhaps climb to the top of something that no less than Yvon Chouinard  called “The finest beginners climb in the country”.

So it was one unusually warm and sunny November day my buddy Mark and our friend Michelle and I did the classic climb of Boulder’s Third Flatiron.

A geological wonder, the Flatirons have some of the most famous climbing in the country.  The Flatirons loudly announce the end of the high plains and the start of the Rockies.

And, again, makes for some interesting climbing.

Now, I should say, I am a very casual climber. It is something I enjoy but I do not pursue as much as my other outdoor activities.  I find it is a great way to spend after work during the summer….or to take advantage of some unusually good weather.

But what a day it was to climb.  To again be on the rock, use some dormant (very modest!) climbing skills and to enjoy one of the perks of being in Boulder.

Three of us hiked up to east bench of the Third Flat and started our climb. Fewer people than expected for such a sunny day.

Photo courtesy of Mark T

The climb itself went smoothly.

An easy climb even for someone a little rusty. 🙂

If it wasn’t for Mark, there would be no photos of me in existence! 😉

We soon reached near the summit and could see the equally iconic First Flatiron.

Only had my iThingy 🙂

Not much further, we made the last push to the summit.

Aso from Mark T

The late afternoon light made the summit quite beautiful. It was warm, it was comforting and it was tough to leave.

But we had to go down. The rap down was uneventful…pulling many meters of rope, thankfully on the ground,  not so much. 😉

A pleasant hike was had down. Michelle had to head back home, but Mark and I enjoyed some apres climb beers at the always reliable Boulder Beer Company.

The climb was classic Boulder. And the oldest craft brewery in Colorado was also classic Boulder.  No scene, no pretensions or expectations. Just good solid beer, and good solid pub grub.  A type of place vanishing a bit in my town.

But the mountains, climbs, hikes and skis will always be there.  And I will always enjoy them.


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