The Trailshow!

What do four Triple Crowners do who are now married and/or have a kid on the way, about to get married and love beer do?

They talk smack. They talk trail. And have a free form discussion that, in theory, talks about trail at times. And have a podcast about it. 😉

The equivalent of sitting around the campfire and shooting the breeze. Or maybe hearing four people ramble and ramble some more.

A different type of hiking podcast. Less gear and more beer.

It's The Trailshow…and the first episode is up on iTunes.

"Your show hosts are yours truly (Lawton Grinter) , Felicia Hermosillo, Paul Magnanti and Mike DiLorenzo!!! Broadcasting live from the Historic Beer District of Boulder, Colorado every month!"

We are bit rough around the edges, esp. for the first show, but I'd like to think that is our charm. ;-D

Remember folks, don't take it too seriously…none of us do!!/trailshow

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11 years ago

Love the show! Just saw your show on facebook and gave it a bit of a listen. I love things like this. I sometimes find that those who love the outdoors also aren’t tech-savvy enough to produce media like this. Good job and good luck!