The Back of Arches

With snow predicted to move in this past Sunday, Joan and I opted for day hikes rather than backpack. And face the potentially sloppy road conditions for the way back to our home.

Being in Moab, we find it easy to find some nearby day hikes without having to drive far. And Arches National Park is a convenient location. We tend to explore the park that borders BLM land where fewer people go.

Places with a few tire tracks. And even fewer footprints.  But are no less intriguing.

And with some easy cross country hiking, we get to see views looking into the famous parts of our town. But with a perspective, most people do not get to experience.

But sometimes you have to see the iconic places, too.

We drove by the trailhead to the Delicate Arch at 3:30 PM.

Perhaps the most well-known natural landmark in Utah. This arch is on license plates and the driver’s license.

From the State of Utah website.

And I’ve never been on this hike.

At 3:30 on a December day, with a storm moving in on the horizon, the parking lot seemed reasonably empty.   Only three-miles round trip, we had plenty of time to hike.  And take in some other sites along the way.

Ute petroglyphs

We made our way up the trail. Even with my aversion to crowds,  I managed to do OK.  Other photographers and we patiently waited in between people posing (some #LivingAuthetnically and doing yoga poses no less!) attempting to get our shots.

The lighting ended up being a little flat with the storm clouds brewing up, but the site still impressed. A large arch framing the nearby La Sals. A worthy and memorable place that delights people from all over the world for a reason.

However, I think the view from a lesser known arch, and the light peeking through at just the right time ended up being more memorable for us in some ways.

As expected, we woke up to a winter landscape on Sunday morning.

A good day to drink coffee, read, catch up, and relax.

And learn that when Joan wants to go for a walk in the neighborhood, she means hike on a local rutted jeep track that goes into a canyon for a few miles. 😀


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Some local hiking from the front door of The Homestead. … #hiking #mob #utah #winter #snow

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And later this week? I hope to break out the skis and enjoy some local tours in the La Sals!

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5 years ago

Happy to see that you are taking advantage of the opportunities to explore the new homestead. Also happy to read about lesser known areas near the beaten path in Canyon Country. Always happy for the honesty of your writing