Some time in between

resized-foothillsWith temperatures at 70F last week, and no new snow, the idea of going skiing in “mushy” snow was not appealing.

And I knew the foothills would be crowded.

But then I remembered a newer trail  that I wanted to explore. This “new” trail is actually an improved social trail. One I went on many years ago and forgot about.

I mention this short and sweet hike as finding a trail in the Boulder open space that is not heavily used (only room for about a dozen cars at the trailhead area) is a joy.

The views were fantastic. Hard to believe I had the trail mostly to myself.

It was a throwback to an earlier time….when a hike may be done without dealing with a lot traffic at the trail head area.

I suspect in the months ahead I’ll be using this hike as quick after work jaunt.  My other favorite obscure peak in the Boulder open space is undergoing trail re-lo and is mainly closed off.

I would not call this new trail a secret spot. But rather a spot that is still somewhat unknown.

I kinda like it. 🙂


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