Some local Exploration

There are many parts of Moab I enjoy.

But what I enjoy about all else are just the options around us so close to home.

Joan and I explored one such place near our home this past weekend. We ventured into the rain, cold, and mud to explore a potential area to bring clients.

A place I last went to in the Fall of 2017. And still seemed just as enchanting.

An obscure canyon a little over an hour form our home but seems much more distant.

The driving rain and drop in temps persuaded us to change our short backpacking trip into a day hike. As luck would have it, a friend ended up being in town, and we were able to host him.

Joan still wanted a good hike on Sunday though. She plotted out what ended up being an 18-mile loop hike taking in single track, scrambling, cross-country hiking, and a rutted jeep road that seemed more like a trail than a road at times.

Red rocks, arches, open valleys, and the snow-covered La Sals proved to be highlights of a most satisfying day hike.

All in our “backyard.”

Not bad at all.


2 Replies to “Some local Exploration”

  1. Hey Paul,

    I love your website! Greetings from a fellow hiker and blogger from Bulgaria.
    The pics in this post look stunning. Moab is such a breathtaking place. I’d love to go there some day.
    Keep up the good work and continue to inspire us all to hike.

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