Some late Summer cleaning – The revised

A few tweaks, a little clean up and a minor overhaul of the website.



I’ve more or less been running the same design on the website for three years now.

With some database issues I had to address, figured it was time for a little overhaul of the site.  The overall look and feel is not that different, but it is (I think) a cleaner, more direct design.

The changes are:

  • As mentioned, a cleaner and simpler design
  • Revived the old header from pre-2010. Always liked it and it fits well with the new WordPress theme
  • The social media buttons are more prominent. Access my Tweets, Pinterest, RSS feeds and so on easily.
  • A person can now sign up to follow comment threads on individual posts. Should make participating in and following discussions easier.
  • Finally, fixed a bug that has been annoying me for three years: You can now scroll to old articles on the front page without going to separate categories.




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Backpacking Engineer
10 years ago

The new site looks good. Great work!