Soapstone Prairie Natural Area

After the trail work of Saturday, or more correctly the busy area of RMNP heading back, I was ready for a more low key area.

someone and I went the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area north of Ft. Collins, CO.

A quiet area. Not as dramatic as the mountains perhaps. But the vast expanse of the High Plains continues to draw me.

Soapstone Prairie is adjacent to the Red Mountain Open Space we enjoyed so much one year, is the site of an important archeological find and, most recently, is the home of a herd of re-introduced bison.

While the bison would sensibly be hiding in the arroyos on this warm June day, the rest of the prairie would prove to be delightful.

No bison. But they are out there somewhere. Comanche Peak Wilderness in the distance.

The trails meandered in the low hills and grasses of the plains.

The wildflowers were still in full bloom due to the lush spring.


Though we did not see any bison, the healthy ecosystem had other wildlife in abundance.

Spotted Towhee

Some late afternoon cloud over provided some welcome shade.

Soon, our walk ended. We drove away. One last look was taken to the Soapstone Prairie.

There is much beauty to appreciate in Colorado.

And the parts I appreciate more and more are the quiet areas.

The areas where there is not a line of cars at the entrance or a crowded trailhead.

But where on a Sunday the area is serene and peaceful.

And we seemingly have it to ourselves.

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8 years ago

Gorgeous pics Paul. I really like the macro work. DSLR?

John Goering
John Goering
8 years ago

Nice photos Paul! I bought a Sony A6000 mirrorless last fall to cut the weight a bit from the old Canon D40, not to mention access to a whole lot of more options. That said, I am still going to get an adapter to use Canon EOS lens.