San Juan Lollipop

Another weekend spent backpacking down the road from us in the San Juans. Unlike last weekend where we did a mix of different types of hiking, this weekend saw us on single-track the whole time.

We again saw lots of alpine terrain, wildflowers, and curious locals.

And the hike we did? A lollipop hike. For those not familiar with the term, it means hiking a stick, adding a loop, then coming back via the stick. In other words, a lollipop!

This lollipop hike also meant walking along ridges, hiking over passes, and broad meadows.

And along the way, we continued to see other residents.

Some are surprisingly taking in the view in a relaxed manner.

We continue to look at our maps and see what is within a two-hundred-mile radius. Fortunately for us, that gives us plenty of places to seek, explore, and savor the morning walks through meadows, mountains, and canyons.

There’s a touch of fall in the morning air, and the ground cover is just starting to turn russet up higher. The short season of the alpine summer is rapidly closing. But the best act of the year’s on tap – Autumn!

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