Tahoe Rim Trail – Ring around the lake

Paul Magnanti’s 2009 Tahoe Rim Trail thru-hike with journal, photos, and planning information.

The hiking bug just won’t go away! Even after a 300 mile backpack in the Appalachians,  a jaunt in Utah, and going forthwith on the Arizona Trail , I still wanna do more!  Just as it has been a while since I’ve backpacked in the East, I thought it was time to do a trip out on the left coast. At first, I thought it may be nice to do the John Muir Trail.  But, I thought perhaps it was time to see something different..and with easier logistics!

So on June 23rd, I started the Tahoe Rim Trail .   Unusual for a longish hike, it is a loop trail. It also had easy logistics to get to and from the trail, handy resupply and had some nice scenery. Fifty miles of tread is shared with the  Pacific Crest Trail.  On my trek, I was able to see quite a few PCT NoBoers.

The trail took me 5 solid days of hiking, with two half-days at the beginning and end of the journey.

Overall, the trail was a nice little journey!

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