Review – The New Primal Jerky Plus

A review of The New Primal Jerky Plus packs. A tasty mixture of dried fruit, nuts and jerky.


Note: The Jerky Plus packs were provided by Deep Creek PR  for this review

Outdoors athletes. quite frankly, eat like crap.

Consumed are over-processed bars, goos and substances that have an ingredients list more akin to a chemistry experiment than fuel for an outdoor lifestyle.

With my Snicker bar addiction on long hikes, I do not fare too much better.

But active outdoors people are starting to change their ways.

Lean meats and nuts provide healthy proteins and fats.

Dried fruit with no processed sugar fuels a person up the climb.

Real food for time spent in nature rather than something created in a lab.

And catering into this interest of eating real food while outdoors?  The South Carolina based company called The New Primal.

Photo courtesy of The New Primal

During a few wonderful and cold days in New Mexico’s remote Chaco Canyon over the holidays, someone and I were able to sample all three of The New Primal’s jerky, nuts and dried fruit  Jerky Plus packs.  We were also able to sample the Grass Fed Beef Jerky pack.

I must confess to being skeptical about the product at first.  How different could the classic combo of jerky, nuts and dried fruit be versus other brands or even what I put together myself from store bought food?  And at $6.99 for a 2.5 oz. package, the packs seemed somewhat expensive.

But while walking on the wind blown and snowy trail above  the ancient buildings of Pueblo Bonito, someone and myself had  the cranberry, nut and jerky mix.

The almonds and cashews were unbelievably fresh and moist tasting.  The dried cranberries exploded with flavor and  were certainly more succulent than what is found in a typical grocery store. Our taste buds had a similar experience with the dried mango and pineapple packs as well.

And the jerky? The seasonings used in the jerky struck a wonderful balance between being flavorful without overpowering the natural good taste of the high quality meat.

We would enjoy our The New Primal food throughout the trip.  Our only regret? We wish we had more of the food. It was that good.

Overall impression:  A little bit on the expensive side, but the combination of convenience and the  high quality of this tasty food is certainly great. If you wish to indulge yourself a little bit, consider taking some of The New Primal products for your next outdoor adventure.


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