Review -Fire Dept. Coffee

I do not get much gear to review overall. I give some reviews of equipment that I purchased that range from a $2 water bottle to a $200 camping shelter and overall have a theme of working for me practically.

The one item I still get some review requests for overall? Coffee!

I’ve worked in IT for most of my fun tokens (money) which mean a career run on caffeine. And I’d like to think somewhere in my Mediterranean DNA; that there’s a predisposition to consume coffee. And lots of it.

I recall cans of this brand growing up. And sometimes accompanied after dinner with anisette.

And my writings about coffee tend to pop up.

When Fire Dept. Coffee asked me to review two of their roasts; I emphatically agreed because I drink a lot of coffee!

In this frequently used photo, you can see me drinking, wait for it, coffee! PCO Joan

To quote the website“Fire Dept. Coffee is a veteran-owned business certified by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA).” 

Besides being a veteran, the CEO and many people at the company are former firefighters and/or military veterans. As my youngest brother is both a former first responder and is recently retired military, I liked the company’s idea and what it represents.

And what coffee did I get to review? The Original medium roast and the Shell Back Espresso.


How did I like the java juice?

The Original Medium Roast makes the perfect everyday roast for me. At 6 AM, it’s there waiting for me at the coffee pot. And the first sip does not taste bitter, strong enough in its flavor without being overpowering, and gets me through the morning. I eat simply during the week, and everyday coffee goes well with my weekly life.

But the Shellback Espresso, named in honor of naval veterans, ends up being my coffee treat at the end of the week. When I start my “Cheat meals” on weekends, I almost always savor a rich breakfast with huevos rancheros and some New England-style homefries on the side. And with a good helping of hot sauce over it.

I want fat, carbs, and calories. And I want a rich coffee to accompany it—something with a taste bomb to pair with the equally strong-tasting food.

Shell Back Espresso delivers.

The rich and complex taste makes the perfect start to my weekend. I drink my coffee black out of practicality and preference. And I find the coffee downright tasty on its own. It is a treat coffee for me. And a month later, after procuring it, I’ll need to add it to my larder for more of my weekly treat. And if that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is one!

At $15 for a 12-ounce bag for their coffee, I find the Fire Dept. Coffee selections are competitive with the similar quality of coffee found in stores. Except it goes to a good cause, and the small-batch coffee makes a tasty brew. Fire Dept. Coffee also has other roast selections and spirit-infused blends that look intriguing.

I do have more than one mug. 😉

If you want a treat too, get some Fire Dept Coffee.

Disclosure – Fire Dept. Coffee provided the samples at no charge for me and my caffeine habits.

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