Redwoods and Ocean

After my Bay Area Exploration, it was time to head down the coast. I received some excellent suggestions from Justin and family on things to see, do, and experience.

As part of the Great American Road trip, a jaunt down the Pacific Coast Highway must be done.

A rugged coastline with many quiet and (relatively) obscure stops along the way.

Of course, legal camping along the way can be tricky. I made a detour to the Big Basin Redwoods State Park at the last minute. It proved to be a fortuitous pitstop.

I had never seen the coastal redwoods before. Upon entering the park, I felt as if I had entered an enchanted woodland. It was lush, green, and with trees that dwarfed anything I’ve seen before. Even the remnants of the trees had a certain majesty.

The woods were lovely, dark, and deep as the old poem goes…

On the hike I took, the sunlight filtered through the large canopy of trees in an otherworldly way.

I did not intend to go this state park, but I was indeed glad of my time there.

I then made my way down the coast to Point Lobos. A place may describe as one of the most stunning views along this famous highway.

It was time to leave the coats behind and make my way inland. I found expensive, mediocre county campground not far away. But it was legal, there were showers, and it served as a suitable place to call home for the night.

The following day I made an appropriate literary pilgrimage to the National Steinbeck Center.

Rocinante via Curb Side Classics.

Though the Travels with Charley tale brought me to this center, I was mesmerized by the Grapes of Wrath display. Perhaps it was all the time I have spent in Dust Bowl areas, or seeing the readings, outtakes from plays, or movies, but Steinbeck’s words still resonate over seventy years after it was written. And continues to influence.

On my way to Palm Springs, I could not resist making a pit stop at a historic mission. Over two-hundred years old. And still a vibrant place of worship and belief.

from Wikipedia Commons
from YouTube

I enjoyed my time walking through the old rooms and seeing the frescoes in the church. But it was time to head to points further south.


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  1. Next time try going north! My favorite redwood grove is Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith State Park–awesome redwoods on the bank of the Smith River.

    Also, try a hike in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, a bit farther south. Hike a mile away from the road and the silence will overwhelm you!

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