Quick Tip: Duct tape for easy splinter removal


My hand. Post duct tape splinter removal.

On my recent trip, I did some easy scrambling.

At one point on the descent,  I placed my hand on some rock. Little did I know there were pricker bushes on said rock as well.

A minor “ouchie”  with some shallow needles were now in my palm.

Probably a dozen of these small needles were stuck in the palm and were annoying.

After taking a shower at home, I wanted to remove these annoying splinters.

The easy way of performing this task? Duct tape.

Duct tape for removing splinters? Why yes.  Duct tape is magic after all.

I simply took a swatch of duct tape,  placed it on my palm, pressed the swatch against the palm and then ripped it off.  Volia! All the splinters were removed.

For larger or deeper splinters, leaving the duct tape on for about 30 minutes and then peeling slowly will often do the trick as well.

So, have some splinters? Try duct tape as a quick and dirty way of removing multiple splinters.

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