Life has been busy…and I am catching up!

someone and I had a wonderful time in the Hovenweep and Canyons of the Ancients nationals monuments.  Five days of petroglyphs, ancient ruins and sublime southwest desert scenery.

Amazing how much catching up there is to do after such a relatively short trip. Food shopping had to be done, laundry is piled up, self-imposed social obligations to do, some outdoor writings I have promised to provide and I am taking a Wilderness First Aid class again this weekend to get re-certified for the guiding I now assist with.

And the place I not-so-affectionately call The Salt Mines has laid-off nearly 150 people out of an US based work-force of ~500. I am still employed. Perhaps it is telling that in many ways I would have welcomed a lay-off? 🙂  This past week seems to have been one meeting after another with many parts of the job still TBD in the new role they have my group placed in.

In any case, it has been a busy two weeks.

I’ll try to get up a backlog of posts I have been meaning to write. That backlog esp includes the wonderful trip my someone and I just had to the Four Corners area.   As I contemplate what the next steps are in my life, I am already wistfully thinking back to those days in the desert.

The sounds of coyotes yipping at night somehow seem just a bit more meaningful and true than what has transpired in the land of beige boxes this past week.

I have to pay the bills; perhaps it is time to start paying the bills with a job that is a bit more on my own terms.

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10 years ago

good luck Mags, your wanderlust is clearly growing, your career is starting to take off in this realm, and you’ve progressed so much in the past 18 months or so. your breakthrough is coming . as a native new englandar who went to school in Boulder, I say soak up your surroundings, enjoy the freeness of your time away from work, it’s very likely your next career will be more satisfying professionally, but more perhaps more restrictive in the area of free time. career is like a hike; grueling, satisfying and you need to enjoy the journey! God bless brother… Read more »

Karl Gottshalk
Karl Gottshalk
10 years ago