Observing a lot by just watching

Joan and I never worry about doing loops we’ve done before.

There is always more to see in the areas where we backpack with its rich history and culture.

And this trip proved no exception.

We hiked in a canyon system that gets much lighter traffic than the marquee areas. The somewhat rough off-pavement driving and the lack of a mapped trail helps, no doubt.

Other than one couple surprised to see us as much as we’re surprised to see them, we did not see any other people outside of our part of four.

With both of us vaccinated, we are also starting to take our first tentative steps to socialize a bit. If outside!

We showed a colleague of Joan’s and her partner one of our favorite areas.

We told them that someone could be here for twenty years and not see all there is to see.

Remnants of a post on a ledge.

Mileage wise we did not cover much ground. These trips are about the hours hiked going into alcoves, scrambling up ledges, and walking down other canyons to take in the area.

Our friend, in particular, had a sharp eye for spotting things Joan and I missed on our previous trek in this loop.

A series of bird panels in one alcove proved particularly interesting.

I zoomed in to capture this image. Our friend spotted this black and red bird in a hard-to-reach area.

But this canyon complex makes for striking hiking as well. The sheer walls, red rocks, and sunshine made for another memorable spring day deep in a canyon on the Colorado Plateau.

We eventually hiked out and followed an old cattle trail the lead back to the canyon rim.

Once on the canyon rim, we took a peek over a pour-off. As always, I get amazed at how far down these canyons go when overlooking from above.

PCO Joan.

The walk on the plateau above went quickly. We made it to our vehicles, fished out some cold drinks and fruit from the cooler, and relaxed a bit before driving out. It is a pleasure to hike with people who have not heard all my stories yet 😉 and introduce people to one of our favorite places in the world.

And getting to spend another weekend with my favorite trip partner never gets old.

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Joan Jarvis
Joan Jarvis
3 years ago

It is amazing to have some social.life.again. Glad you enjoyed showing friends around.

3 years ago

Loving your pictures of the amazing history there, and so well preserved. I worked on the Navajo reservation farther south and knew of some secret and sacred places but nowhere near the volume you’re seeing. Thanks for sharing.

Bill Solomon in Roswell GA
Bill Solomon in Roswell GA
3 years ago

There is so much yet to be discovered in canyon country. Ancient secrets. Take some time to study indigenous creation stories, and the glyphs make more sense. I know you guys love the anthropology of the geography! Books by Ardy Sixkiller Clark are especially noteworthy. With Joan’s penchant for science, look at related articles on Academia. org.

Corey Jacobs
Corey Jacobs
3 years ago

Love this area. Left with a family of mice in my rental car when I went in the fall. Hope they’re making a nice home at Denver airport.