New Year’s weekend ski tours

Just some tours over New Year’s weekend. Anxious to get out overnight, but the day trips will do for now.

” I know of no form of sport which so evenly develops the muscles, which renders the body so strong and elastic, which teaches so well the qualities of dexterity and resource, which in an equal degree calls for decision and resolution, and which gives the same vigour and exhilaration to mind and body alike… There is something in the whole which develops soul and not body alone..” -Fridtjof Nansen

I love ski tours. It is about distance, exploring and being out there. Much like hiking.

Less gear intensive and focused than the “let’s skin up a mountain and ski down a mountain” skiing and definitely more of an outdoor experience than lift-served skiing.  And, unlike snowshoeing, I am not plodding. I am flying.


Most of my trips between mid-Dec to March will be on two planks. I hope to get in more overnight trips this years, on skis, as well. I want to see the morning alpenglow and see the setting sun. And there is something about sleeping outside, than even a very vigorous day’s outing can’t compete with, is beyond satisfying.

For now, I’ll just do what I can in between husband/social/on-call for job duties permit.

And hopefully it will still be pretty good.


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