My new sponsor – Goodwill Industries Intl

goodwillOn this first day of April, I am pleased to announce that I have received my first sponsorship for outdoor pursuits.

Goodwill Industries will be supplying me with gently used  fleeces, killer deals on technical pants,  a wide assortment of polycotton blend shirts and quite possibly Dickies work pants. All perfect for the outdoors. I will also be able to choose from a wide array of pots, cups and utensils perfect for any outdoor pursuits, too.

At the end of the school year in Boulder, I anticipate the opportunity to try out new-to-me packs, over sized tents, some barely used shell jackets and pants, some stylish puffies and perhaps even some two-burner camping stoves.

I feel this sponsorship is a fantastic fit not only for  the backpacking I do, but even for camping and day use winter activities.

The opportunity for sponsorship from such a prestigious company did surprise me,  but the email I received from their director of marketing noted howAs a full-time working person, it is great you make the outdoors a priority and also went on to note That despite having a full time job in the technology field, you still continue to dirt bag for some reason”. 

My fancy cooking system. :)

An example of some quality gear I can use from Goodwill.

When I told someone this wonderful news, her reply was  If you look like a homeless person when we are in national parks together, I may divorce you”. 

Overall, I am very excited about this sponsorship opportunity and what it represents.  I am proud to be a Goodwill Industries  Brand Ambassador. I am looking forward to representing this fine company and its many outdoor products.


6 Replies to “My new sponsor – Goodwill Industries Intl”

  1. It was only when you stated that your wife might leave you for looking homeless in the national park that I was convinced something was fishy about this announcement. I’ve followed your musings enough to know that if that were true you’d have been dumped long ago my friend!
    Well done, happy 1st of April.

  2. I work as a paraeducator with intellectually disabled high schooler’s. We work at Goodwill 2x a week, learning job skills. I also find remarkable things for sale there. Down jackets, technical clothes of all kinds. You represent some good folks at the store level!

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