Just a Fall stroll…

When a good friend is back in town, how do you catch up? Why, on a hike of course!

My friend Nahum was in town for a conference.

Like many of my good friends in Colorado, our friendship started based on shared outdoor excursions: Off-trail gallivants,  talks around campfires and more than a few shared rides of many hours to such destinations as Utah, Aspen..and countless others.

But, like my best friendships, there was more to it than that. Long talks about many different subjects, a shared interest in science and perhaps a tad too much talk about World War Twp history. 🙂

Last time I saw Nahum was when someone and I were married two years ago.

Far too long!

With Nahum back in town, many of us had a lovely dinner with him on Saturday and then joined him for a classic hike on Sunday.

The Fall weather was fantastic. The company great. And the scenery wonderful.

We met a local grocery store, but some supplies and drove up to Brainard Lake Recreation Area. Super crowded in the summer, it was fairly manageable at this time of the year.

However, we will had  to park further away due to changes in the parking system. Adds about 2 miles r/t to the hike.

We walked by the edge of Brainard Lake.

Made out way up the moderate trail to Mitchell Lake.  The clouds opened up a bit, but any precip was thankfully brief.

We made it to Blue Lake at 11300′.  The lake was a perfect turquoise color. The mountains above were scenic as always. And the air had a pleasant coolness to it that was perfect for a thermos of hot chai.

We made our way down to the vehicles. The wonderful fall weather continued to hold. The tundra above was brilliant with color.

All in all, a great way to catch up with a friend I have not seen in quite some time.

Here’s hoping the next visit is sooner!

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