Introducing the Quick and Dirty Hiking Guides

After many months of writing on and off, I am pleased to announce the inaugural books in the Quick and Dirty Hiking Guides.

Co-authored with my good friend Cam Honan, these books will give any outdoor enthusiast plenty of backpacking trips to ponder, dream about, and hike…of course.

Out of our collective experience, we have come out with the two eBooks available in Kindle format on Amazon.

The first book is 12 Classic Long Distance Hikes in the US:

From the Appalachian mountains to the High Sierra, and from the salt flats of Death Valley to the swamps of Florida. In “12 Classic Long Distance Hikes in the US”, trail veterans Cam Honan and Paul Magnanti have put together a varied collection of notable rambles, covering a wide range of environments, distances, and difficulty levels. Something to pique the interest of all backpackers, from relative newbies to experienced vets.

And for those who want to explore the Centennial State, our second book is also available: 12 Classic Hikes in Colorado.

Colorado. The name conjures up images of rugged mountains, alpine lakes and outdoor experiences like no other. But where to go in the Rocky Mountain state?

In “12 Classic Hikes in Colorado”, trail veterans Paul Magnanti and Cam Honan have put together a varied collection of rambles, including family friendly trips, challenging multi-day backpacks and even a sprinkling of day hikes. In addition to numerous options in the iconic Rockies, the authors also describe routes and trails in some of the state’s lesser known regions, such as the starkly beautiful High Plains, and the red rock delight that is Colorado’s Canyon Country.


The material is a compilation of not only information you’ll find scattered on our websites, but also some new nuggets of info, additional supplementary material, and some newer goodies we’ve not discussed.

In keeping with its “Quick and Dirty” philosophy, the books are not a step-by-step guide for hiking or backpacking a specific route or path. Rather, it gives hikers the basic trip planning information they will need in order to experience a wonderful trail or area. Maps, guidebooks, and online resources are listed, along with overviews of the hikes themselves.

With all the projects and events going on in our lives, it has been a challenge to write these books. But I am pleased with the results from our collaboration over these past months.

Hopefully, other people will be as well. 🙂

Both books may be purchased on Amazon.

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5 years ago

Ordered and reading! Fantastic photography, links to additional info and personal thoughts on these trails. More Gold from Swami & Mags. Thank you both!!!

Andrew Skurka
Andrew Skurka
5 years ago

Glad to see you do this. Great value for readers, and hopefully the revenue will help in compensating you for the time you invested.

5 years ago

I ordered the 12 Classic Long Hikes in the US and I am looking forward to reading it!

4 years ago

Just stopped by for a little motivational reading. Planning a CT thru hike and am gathering information and getting stoked. The info about alternate routes and dates for starting is on point.