Introducing something new: guest posts from Joan

I’ve been busy these past two weeks between seeing the Boulder Clan and then visiting Rhode Island for my youngest brother’s wedding soon after. A bit of a vacation post-New Mexico and before my Moab guiding season kicks in completely. I should be back to my usual diligent writing schedule starting soon.

I never get tired of my office view!

Now that vacation time is over, I am happy to announce that Joan agreed to write some articles for this site on a regular schedule.

Joan scrambling up “Mt. Tuk”

Joan, my favorite trip partner, is a very experienced outdoor person with much to share that people have asked me about in the comments, by email, or even in person.

I’m excited about the different perspective Joan will bring and the unique experiences she can share with the people who read this website. Some initial topics include a review of the Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow,  becoming an NPS park ranger mid-career, her experiences hiking solo, and other ideas she told me about currently in the pipeline. I hope to publish her thoughts in the coming weeks.

Cross-country in the Indian Creek WSA.

If you are not familiar with Joan beyond a few mentions here and there and a few photos, she wrote a short biography if you are curious.


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4 years ago

Woohoo! Huge Joan fan here, so I’m excited to see her (you!) writing here!

Diane Pinkers
Diane Pinkers
4 years ago

Yay Joan! I’ve sent lots of people to her site after they see me with my trail umbrella. In the PNW, it makes a lot of sense!