Into the San Juans

Joan and I went to our usual place for tundra delights – the San Juan Mountains of nearby Colorado.

We can get to these mountains in fewer than three hours with no traffic, a stress-free drive, and leave the desert floor to a place that took many hours to reach when I lived in the Front Range of Colorado.

The backpacking trip started at a trail we’ve never hiked and one a bit obscure. We had to sleuth the path via resources and maps we usually don’t use and found at the end of an unmarked jeep trail.

To no surprise, the trail made for a quiet stroll with quick access to the terrain we enjoy in these mountains.


We eventually reached a place with superb views and full of the solitude Joan and I both cherish.

Though we do not seek out five-star campsites, we often find them on our wilderness travels.

PCO Joan

After an evening of watching the mountain glow from camp and a restful evening of sleep, we made our way back through the tundra.

And we could see the higher San Juan peaks in the distance.

And continue to enjoy these delightful mountains’ lower but still enjoyable terrain.



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Greg Smith
1 year ago

Thanks for the post. Strongly considering a move to Grand Junction, CO after this year’s life change. Looking forward to backpacking the the San Juan’s more along with the western side of the Rockies. Will be in the area next week.

1 year ago

Such a beautiful landscape! Thanks for posting your photos!

Dony Erwin
Dony Erwin
1 year ago

What an amazingly beautiful area. The best part might be the stress free drive getting there! Most of the places i go, like the Smokies require interstate driving.