Into the La Platas

After nearly twenty years of active writing for this website, I find myself writing fewer and fewer things. Part of it is quite simply, is that I find there are fewer and fewer ideas that draw my interest.

Oh, there are plenty of topics to write about.

But I’ve discussed climate change, thought about outdoor ethics, and said many things I want to say about gear topics. And reviewing the identical frameless rucksacks that are functionally the same as another frameless rucksack does not appeal to me too much. I’m sure I’ll pontificate at some point again 😉 ,  but my virtual pen seems less active now.

What appeals to me is putting up some photos, writing about the places we’ve seen, and continuing to enjoy the areas that form the world Joan and I regularly experience.

And a recent weekend proved no different.

Joan attended a two-week workshop and educational seminar at the well-known Crown Canyon Archaeological Center. Joan learned, experienced, and observed archeological techniques applicable to educators. A fascinating program that also includes field trips to Chaco Cayon and Hovenweep.

And, rather close at only a two-hour drive away.

After the far less interesting fun-token chores I accomplished for the week, I drove up to Cortez, CO, picked Joan up with the trusty Tacoma, and made camp for the weekend.

We hike. We camped. And we enjoyed the views.


We make a simple life. We don’t do anything epic, groundbreaking, or particularly viral-worthy.

We enjoy the time spent outdoors and each other’s company.

We have our version of lazy Sundays with coffee, breakfast, and sleeping in a bit. But somehow, it seems better in a tent and in the warmth of sleeping bags.

And somehow, this comfortable pattern never seems to find itself lacking.

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13 days ago

It looks so beautiful out there and sounds like a lovely time. I’ve covered over 1200, mostly unique miles in the Sierra and as much as I love my home range, I am so curious about the Rocky Mountains. I’ve been to the Winds 3 times now but Colorado , Utah and New Mexico are big holes in my experiential map. Some day. Until then, I’ll enjoy vicariously.

12 days ago

Good lawd, what an incredibly beautiful place (and photos)! I’ve enjoyed your ramblings for quite some time in my RSS reader. Thank you for that! : )

Roger P Moore
11 days ago

I’m enjoying it. Keep posting what you are doing. It’s interesting! It feeds my fire to get out there.

It’s OK to not right about some thing if it’s not calling to you right now. It’s more than OK! It’s great!

If and when those topics come back up on the radar, let us know what you have to say. Otherwise we are here for the ride!

6 days ago

Spectacular photos for those of us in the East who are deprived of the magnificent views out west! Thanks Paul and don’t worry about writing. I always love the photos of your hikes and rambles.

Joan Jarvis
Joan Jarvis
5 days ago

Gorgeous place and gorgeous photos!