Hiker Trash Going Vertical

The first part of Spring 2010 was learning the rudiments of climbing under the tutelage of my friends Mark and Kevin….

Some highlights are below.

Here is the link to all the photos

It started off with a knot/belay lesson in the garage. Continued with a climbing gym session. And one afternoon in Boulder canyon? An honest-to-goodness outside climbing session.

Started with an easy 5.5 climb and ended with a 5.8 climb with an overhang. Not bad for my first time. The ultimate goal is to get in some alpine climbs this summer (Longs followed by the Tetons!)

End of a rap session

Top of the climb

Followed by Beer-Thirty!!!! (My friend bought me two happy hour rounds as a congrats)


We did more advanced climbing at Shelf Road

A climbing weekend in Canon (pronounced the Spanish style -Canyon) City, Colorado for some sports climbing and some camping. That was our excuse anyway for the beer, food and more beer, food (and a bit of whiskey on my part. :D). All in all, a great time and good practice for some bigger alpine climbs this summer. 🙂




And it all came to a climb of the First Flatiron

8 pitch trad climb of the First Flaitron. A very iconic Boulder landmark and a classic climb that people from all over do. And it is my backyard.. 

Me with a cockeyed helmet that would be corrected.. 

Awful views….

We rapped down to finish the day…






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