Happy Holidays – Desert Style!

Very close to my street, you’ll find a local artwork of sorts. One I’ve been meaning to snap a photo of for a while.  On an overcast day so close to the Christmas holiday, I thought it reasonable to finally pull over and take a picture:

This photo works for a few reasons in Moab:

  • The 1954 classic B movie classicTHEM!” seems an obvious inspiration.  A film about mutant ants in a desert town causing the potential downfall of civilization? Heck yeah!  A young Leonard Nimoy played a small role in this movie as well.

  • As a young computer geek circa 1990, I played the classic game  “IT” Came from the Desert” on my Amiga 500.  An obvious homage to THEM!, the game intro alone is worth watching for the voice-over.



Happy Holidays from our humble desert home. If you get ants, may they be festive ones wearing Santa hats!

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