Grab Bag of Moab Wanderings

Life has been busy.

However, unlike my beige box days, I am busy for excellent reasons.

The guiding has seen me with some excellent clients and to some places a little more obscure than typical.

And the people are troopers even when Mr. Murphy pops up his head.

And the usual places never seem to lose their allure.

But I still manage to sneak in some local hikes for myself. Places a bit more obscure but only within miles of where I am typing.


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Rock Images in Moab … Moab is an area that saw both Fremont and Ancestral Pueblo cultures. A border zone. Not a set border as would think of it in today’s terms, but more of a cultural boundary that is a bit more nebulous. Sometimes you’ll find Fremont Rock Images; sometimes Pueblo. All within a few miles of each other. And you might even find Archaic period Rock Images millennia old…or more recent Ute drawings. … Today I went to the Owl Panel above Kane Creek. I’ve never seen an Owl petroglyph before. Well worth the easy scramble to get up there. In addition to the Owl, a “Big Man” is also present on the panel. And, much to my surprise, a Thunderbird! Long a symbol of the Southwest. And present on this panel. For comparison, I’ve included the Thunderbird emblem of the 45th Inf Division from WW2. Based out of Colorado, New Mexico, and OK. The division later picked up many people from the Northeast. Including my grandfather. … No surprise a panel is located here. The area itself is a major thoroughfare and has much Rock Images. And off this area are more canyons. Canyons with Rock Images of major archaeoastronomical importance. And the canyons themselves connect to another well-known panel on the other side. …. A perfect hike in between town errands and getting back to work. … #moab #utah #moabutah #hiking #rockart #petroglyphs #thunderbird

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I signed some paperwork to publish some photos. And the biggest news? I signed an honest to goodness contract for a book. A real publisher. And I am getting paid. Who wouldda thunk it????

So, I’ll be a bit busy for the next couple of months. But I’ve traded a beige box for red rocks. And if my current desk of a kitchen table lacks a conference room nearby, I think the amenities are much better.

More to come.

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5 years ago

Awesome! Congratulations & love seeing the warm red of your rocks vs. the grey of the NW! Tx

5 years ago

Congratulations! Looks like we are lucky to have you for the Yosemite hikes. No using these as an excuse for being late with your publisher!