Gift of time – Homeward Bound

After our Davis Mountains portion of the trip, we reconfigured and went to the Organ Mountains-Desert  Peaks National Monument. Though we’ve spent time here in the past, it’s a large national monument with much to see.

But the weather changed and the temps dropped while there, winds picked up, and we managed to get enough reception to check the weather forecast in the morning.

In the Organ Mountains campground. PCO Joan.

The prognosis did not look good – a snowstorm hitting a bulk of the Intermountain West.

We decided to head home a couple of days early and avoid driving in the worse of the storms.

We spent one last night in New Mexico to split up the drive, and I had my green chile’ and sopapilla fixes one last time before we headed over into Colorado and then Utah.

Once home, we unloaded the truck just before the first flakes fell, sorted out, and cleaned our gear the following day.

A day to rest, cook some food and enjoy being inside on a snowy day.

And the next day? We enjoyed our high desert home and went to a very local place with a network of both official and social trails.

Everything popped with the red rock and snow combined with the blue sky.

A perfect last day to end our two-week gift of time.

When Moab is your home, spending time locally never becomes terrible.

We enjoyed our time on the road and treasured the places we experienced. But we enjoy our high desert home and its red rock delights. It felt good to return and think of what we wanted to do in the weeks and months ahead.

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2 years ago

Being flexible is a key to success in the outdoors. Looks like a great time.