Gear Review – Hoo Rag

A review of the multi-use Hoo Rag (a seamless bandanna )


Note: The Hoo Rag was provided by the company for a review. 

The Hoo Rag is a seamless microfiber tube weighing just over an ounce.



As you can see from the photo above, it is meant to not only function as a bandanna, but also as a balaclava, a light hat, a neck warmer, a face mask…and many other mutl-use items.

I've been rocking the bandanna for as long as I have been backpacking. Worn with my trusty boonie hat,  the  bandanna is a main stay of my outdoor excursions.

When I received the Hoo Rag to evaluate, I wondered how it would hold up to the versatility and functionality of the humble bandana.

I put it through its paces on an excursion to Utah and a full moon hike recently

With the help of a useful video, .quickly mastered the various ways of wearing the Hoo Rag..  My standard "Pirate" way of wearing a bandanna worked well with a Hoo Rag.

So how did it hold up?  Unlike a  100% cotton bandanna , the mainly poly (with some cotton) Hoo Rag does not absorb and retain water (read: sweat!)  as much  and did not have the damp bandanna-feel I am accustomed to.  

During the unusually warm weather this past November in Utah, I missed the cooling effect of wet cotton.   However in the morning hours and towards evening, the Hoo Rag was perfect for the cooler weather and helping to take the chill off without over heating.   On a full moon hike, the Hoo Rag worked equally well for similar reasons.

I can see the Hoo Rag being a staple for shoulder season hiking and Spring skiing: Any time I need a little bit of warmth without the need for a full beanie.  For skiing and other winter recreation, I can see the versatility of it as well.  Something small, light and compact to keep shoved in a pocket for when I need a simple neck warmer or even face mask to take the  chill off without being overly warm.

Overall, I think I'll stick to the bandanna for hot weather hiking but can see the Hoo Rag as part of my kit for its versatility for various outdoor activities. Quick day hikes immediately comes to mind.

someone briefly played around with it and liked its versatility for keeping her hair pulled back and out of the face (She lamented the fact that, as she put it,  I did not receive a cuter color. 🙂  )

OVERALL SUMMARY: I can see me using the Hoo Rag in certain cases for sure. At only 1 oz, it weighs less than a Snickers and fits in less space too.  At  $14.95 (and free shipping) it is less expensive than the similar Buff. A  very versatile piece of clothing.


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3 years ago

I ordered two of these – one was incredibly tight and one was enormous. Colors also didn’t match the website. I wrote a review for both which the company didn’t ‘approve,’ which seems very shady (gave 3 stars out of 5). I think it’s worth the few extra dollars to get a Buff – these are like cheap knockoffs.

3 years ago
Reply to  Paul Mags

Totally understand! Since they didn’t ‘approve’ my review on their own site, I really just wanted to ensure that there was an updated review somewhere in case folks were searching for it.