Fun Gear Review: Aerobie Sprint Ring

A review of something a little different and a little fun: An Aerobie Spring Ring !


I receive e-mails on occasion asking to test out products.  I have a ski pack that I love and a day pack that has been my "go to" pack for  jaunts in the foothills and in the mountains near Boulder.

The most recent item I was asked to review was an Aerobie Sprint Ring.

Not my usual outdoor gear, but interesting none the less.

I remember the Aeorobie commercials from my  child and teen years and was intrigued to see what was new since the '80s.

When I received the Sprint Ring in the mail one day, found something a little different than what I remembered from my childhood.

Smaller in size than the Pro Ring and weighing in  at only 2 ounces, it is light enough to be a toy brought along to entertain children…big or small and of all ages. 😀

One thing that had not changed? Though smaller in size, the ring still fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww very far.

Where to use the Sprint Ring?

The Sprint Ring  has been very useful for camping   and/or lower mileage backpacking trips.

At camp, esp on more social trips, there is something relaxing about tossing the ring back and forth.  Children enjoy the playtime and it can be different way to relax after a hike and before cooking dinner.

someone showed interested in bringing it to our outdoor wedding/ campout this Fall as well. 

Instead of tossing the garter belt or a bouquet,  we just may toss the Aerobie Sprint Ring instead. 😉

Bottom Line

Re-live your '80s memories sans Bugle Boy Jeans and toss an Aeorbie Sprint Ring!

Small, compact, light and less than $10, it's a fun little toy to bring along  on camping or  backpacking trips where you have space to let the ring fly.

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