From the web – October 28th

A select carving of outdoors news, shenanigans, chuckles, and items to ponder for Oct 28th.

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Razr in Moab


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  • “Thru-Hikers Got Kicked Off a Plane Because They Smelled”  Now shown in the article? The hikes in question posted to a hiker forum. They wore the same clothes they wore for several months hiking. Yeesh. Puffies, in particular, get some nasty trail funk. Nylon shell and seldom washing means some terrible odors. Pro tip: Go to Wally World or Tar-zhey after your hike and get some inexpensive clean clothes. It is what I did after Utah and the GDT; I had some clean clothes ready after New Mexico, too. Also, baking soda and vinegar do wonders on the clothes when washing them, too.

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  • And, finally, some hope for the future?


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I feel better about the future of our wild places.

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4 years ago

Thank you for the good news and the beautiful film of Bears Ears!