From the web – October 17th

An overstuffed burrito of some news, items, and chuckles from the greater outdoor world…



Future suppliers of campground food trucks??? 🙂 From Venues Now


Acting BLM Secretary William Perry Pendley. (Provided by Democratic staff of the Natural Resources Committee)


PNT logo. From the USFS


No idea what silly walks do, however.

  • One of the best Ancestral Pueblo museums in the world is located in Finland all because of laws that did not exist on the books prior to 1906. IIn many ways, the Federal govt passed the American Antiquities Act of 1906 because of what happened in Mesa Verde over 100 years ago. Now, these artifacts and human remains are returning.

The Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde


Razr outside of Moab. Source unknown.


A herd of bison roam on lands owned by the American Prairie Reserve, a sprawling wildlife reserve in northeastern Montana.  NATE HEGYI / MOUNTAIN WEST NEWS BUREAU


  • Need a Halloween costume idea? The NPS has you covered!

  • I think many of us have some similar purchase habits on Amazon!


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I think many of us have similar buying habits. 😉 #hiking #backpacking #thruhiking #longdistancehiking #hikertrash

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  • Who doesn’t love the great out doors???


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