From the web – March 26th

We all know what is in the news. You’ve read the reports, and I said what I said before. Instead, here are a few items that are Covid-19 and outdoors-related, but might put a smile on your (masked) face.

Well-known Fremont panel in Dinosaur National Monument

Bryce Canyon over Thanksgiving 2019.

  • Keeping social distance…NPS style!

From the NPS

  • OK, this next link is not outdoors-related, but still falls under the “amusing” category. At least for me and those who know me well!  No one yells as well as southern Italians and Sicilians, or their descendants, apparently. Joan found this compilation of videos from Italian mayors a bit too amusing. Almost as if she knows someone with similar hand motions and tone of voice when he starts ranting, too???? 🙂 The topic is, of course, sobering. But who else but a mayor from southern Italy would threaten to break up graduation parties with flamethrowers?

  • And finally, don’t forget the Spring Equinox just occurred. A time of renewal and hope through history and with different cultures. Chaco Canyon National Historic Park posted a Spring Equinox photo from Casa Rinconada. An event happening for 800+ years now. And will continue.

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