From the web – February 4th

Some more items I found of interest from the past week…

Elsa received her just desserts!

The Ice Age Trail Alliance’s Instagram account seemed on target!


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Ice Age, indeed. #IceAgeTrail #polarvortex

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And perhaps a different type of wall should be built???

From Severe Weather


from Silva


Along the Great Divide in Canada

From SNews

  • Philip Werner of poses a question that seems approprpos during the Winter OR weekend: Is it neccessary to always put out new gear? Or is it merely consumerism? 


But a humorous response is always best! 😉


7 Replies to “From the web – February 4th”

      1. Thanks. Firefox isn’t displaying that for some reason, but it shows on my phone’s native browser. Good post–that’s something that really bugs me and I think YouTube/social media has only magnified it.

  1. I sure hope that Cosmo photo was captioned “How NOT to dress for a dayhike”…but I somehow doubt it. BTW, you ended up on Cosmo’s website how exactly?

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